About Me


Massimo Alberto Ottone is an Italian entrepreneur with expertise in various industries like Interiors, Fashion and Economics. Massimo did his schooling from a private school education during his elementary days and has spent 13 years at Orsoline College in Como where he received his diploma in 2006. He finished his Graduation in BA from the Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Italy).

After finishing his academics, he joined his family’s business who were in the furniture industry and later eventually set-up his enterprise. It was because of his enterprising mindset and his great hold over the furniture business he was made the member of the prestigious Board of Young Entrepreneurs within Federlegno (Italian Federation of Wood-Furniture Industry Associations) from 2013 to 2016. Owing to his significant expertise and immense success over a small period he was appointed as a mentor by a leading graduate school of fashion and design in Gujarat in India – a place that he calls his second home.

Over the last few years, he has had the opportunity to live in India for extended periods, helping him to build up a particular feel and ability in developing projects for SMEs in India. Massimo started his working career after his studies and founded Mast Elements (2010) a carbon fiber company. This venture became an instant success and was considered one of the most prestigious companies in that sector in Italy and Europe. Over the past, he has also collaborated with some leading Italian companies with worldwide branches. His profile was to develop concepts and handle production of luxury commercial and retail shops, hotels, hospitality and residential furniture. This profile helped him to grow his experiences in design branch.

In 2013, along with Tarak Shah (his business partner in all the ventures), he founded Design Italiano – an Italian firm handling multiple trades and investment opportunities from Italy and India to the world in the field of furniture and design. This international exposure helped him to comprehend Indian and European business policies, procedures and practices to fully capitalize on various opportunities and managing potential threats. He is the partner as well as the art director of the company.

In 2018 he established Tama Associates as a partner established with Mr. Shah, a company active in India and based in Gujarat, specialized in multiple tradings and commercial investments.

In 2019 he set up with Mr. Shah and another one more partner Naturalis Bio, a company which has envisioned an eco-friendly solution to replace plastic disposable tableware with eco-friendly Compostable and Biodegradable tableware made of Areca Palm tree leaves which grows in a Natural way in India, with the aim to be leader in Innovative and Sustainable Green products innovation, manufacturing and marketing to make the world a better place to live for next generations based on the respect of the Environment and on the Human Values, innovating, manufacturing and marketing Green products made from natural materials respecting CSR policies as the woman protection program of the company, as the production process is executed by local Indian women, which in turn helps them to finance education for their children and empowers them to be financially independent.

In 2020 he founded his own brand M|O designing and manufacturing a gentlemen’s furniture collection handcrafted in Italy with natural materials, he is also the art director of the firm.

As an individual, he believes in Oriental Bushido Philosophy. He firmly follows the seven virtues of the Bushido Philosophy and apart from being a great follower of the style and design world, he is very passionate about art and horse riding.

He believes in being the true Gentleman that everyone looks up to.


Son of a Carabinieri Colonel that then after became a business man, his mother was a small artisan who created accessories for fashion in an artistic way, he has breath since the early age the business air in family ambience and he has so quickly developed the desire of becoming a business man.

He chose all schools with an economic path, and since the teen age, he followed his father in many business trips and fairs with the aim to learn as much as possible to become a good business man.

This is the reason of his fully knowledge about design and furniture industry, fashion and in general lifestyle.

He is one of the most expertise person about the Indian culture of business and market, lot of years spent dealing with India, made him one point of reference for Indian operations.



Thanks to the education received since early age, he developed a strong moral and he is following the 7 Bushido Virtues and he has always showed a generous and altruistic soul trying to help whoever in need to be helped.

He puts others first than himself and in 2005 he had an experience in India in Andra Pradesh were with some friends and their parents that were eye doctors they traveled for two week in villages of orphans and leprosy people taking care of them showing them real love and interest to take care of these people.

Since that episode Massimo is actively involved in charity programs and initiatives in which yearly he adopted by distance some Indian children, now with his business partner Mr. Shah they have decided to allocate a yearly percentage of their company profits for charity activities and sustain.







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